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I like travelling very much and this special state of increased susceptibility which is growing in an incredible way in me during these periods. For me any trip is a fountain of positive emotions, a rainbow of wide variety of experiences and an endless source of creative inspiration.

They usually call this type of travellers "a sensitive traveler." Yes, that's me! I know very well there are a lot of people like me. At least there are plenty of them among my friends.

I would like my site to become a meeting place for sensitive travellers, where each of them could not only post some information about what to see in different countries but also share their own impressions and interesting pictures or videos about their travels.

Join us now!

It is  time we got acquainted. My name is Tatiana Zadoia. I am a pensioner already, so I can afford to be a freelancer now. I can create websites and music videos. I enjoy photography.  I like  studying English and taking pictures and  travelling.

This is my second personal blog. The first blog is a three-year-old one.  It  appeals mainly to active retirees, their interests and pursuits in the period of life when they have stopped working. The name of that site is "WE ARE ON PENSION BUT... OUR  LIFE GOES ON!" (The link is active)

 I decided to create a monothematic site about travelling when rubric “Travelling on my own" became the largest one on the previous blog. But it was much easier to decide to make a decision than to bring it to life. Today you can see what has come out of this venture.

I looking forward to your feedback and suggestions. I would be happy if your travel impressions or pieces of advice  appear on my site.

Welcome to my site! Invite me to your sites,  I'll be glad to find new friends!

There are a lot of articles in Russian on my website devoted to various countries and cities, but I have not translated them yet. So I’m on the process of translating and posting them.

 If you want to write to me personally, you can use this email : sensitivetraveller@gmail.com

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