Traveling Across the Austrian Alps

My travelling impressions about Austria are so diverse that sometimes I can't believe that I got all of them in one trip. However, it is so!

It was my second journey across the Austrian Alps. If the first time we crossed the Alps from north to south (our way was from Venice to Salzburg), this time it was from the south-east to north-west (diagonally from Innsbruck to Graz). Continue reading

Tips From Travellers: Visit “Swarovski Crystal Worlds”

Crystal Worlds SwarovskiIf you are going to visit Innsbruck, follow the tips experienced travellers and visit the underground museum "Crystal Worlds Swarovski». It should be on your “Not To Miss List”.

The entrance to the museum is very unusual. You may have an impression that a green giant knelt down near the lake to drink, and he was bewitched in this pose forever with water still flowing from his lips.

The museum "Crystal Worlds Swarovski» is located next to the industrial building of Swarovski factory. Continue reading

Traveller’s Impressions About Innsbruck

InnsbruckI have such  warm traveller's impressions about  Innsbruck that  I  would like to visit it again. And I advise everyone to do the same.

Innsbruck is the administrative centre of the federal state of Tyrol (Austria). It is called the Alpine capital of Austria. It is no coincidence, as the city is located in a picturesque mountain valley of the Inn River, protected on all sides by the majestic Alps, and it is famous not  only for its ski slopes and  Olympic venues. Continue reading