Traveller’s safety in Portsmouth

portsmouth_miniAdmin: The article about safety in Portsmouth was written by Barry Williams at my request. Barry is my wonderful  friend.  He lives in Portsmouth and he knows about safety in this city  more than any traveller.

 Scams: how to avoid

For the visitor, being scammed is seen as easy prey,    I would offer these few simple, but safe ideas:

  • If you are asked to change money, by people in the street, refuse politely, this could be forged money.
  • Do not buy goods from people, who approach you, these could either be fake or potentially dangerous.
  • Also, please don't buy lottery tickets, unless you go to an authorized agent. Please use common sense.
Old Portsmouth

Old Portsmouth

 Where to walk

If you wish to walk around Portsmouth, firstly ask at your hotel,   for they will give good advice, if you walk independently. Please keep your map concealed, Just in case you are approached my people who could send you the wrong way. Or worse....If you see a police officer, they can help you.

 Where not to eat or drink

Eating is ok here in Portsmouth,   we have many different restaurants.  Drinking, you must look where you are going to, and my advice would be...Does the building look tidy?  What noise can you hear coming out?  Loud music?   Shouting?   Again,  please use your common sense ...



What not so say or look at a rude person

This again comes under the "use your common sense".  My advice would be is not to make the situation worse.  Do not raise your voice, keep calm.  If you are out, look for assistance from people near you, they can help. Do not offer to buy your way out; this can make the situation worse...  If help comes, explain your situation, what has happened,  and if need be,  go to the nearest police station and ask for help,  make a statement,    then the police can help you more,

 Not to do in a bad situation

If you are in a group, keep together,   Remember what you see, and hear.   Do not try and make things worse by moving items,   keep calm at all time would be my advice

HMS Victory (1765) in Portsmouth

HMS Victory (1765) in Portsmouth

Lastly, bad weather In Portsmouth

England has variable weather, if you are out and it rains, there are many attractions that are undercover.

I hope that if you visit Portsmouth, you will have a wonderful time here. And if you come, bring a rain coat, just in case.

I wish you a safe journey to Portsmouth!

I would be glad if you find my pieces of advice  useful. Perhaps you will have some questions to me. I’m ready to answer them.

If you want to write to me you can ask Tatiana to pass on my e-mail address (Tatiana is admin of this website).

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